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  •  Regurgitating Neoliberal Propaganda (24+ / 0-)

    The "globalization was inevitable" bullshit has been a very successful meme. But it's a complete lie.

    As one who has spent years studying how exactly globalization came about, along with the emergence of neoliberalism, it is clear that it happened because a lot of people worked really hard and spent a lot of money to make it happen.

    Please remember that "globalization" is just a catch word for specific economic policies that were lobbied for and enacted into law.

    It is not the weather, or an act of God. It's just a set of policies, along with the establishment of many institutions to manage and implement those policies.

    Bundled into the globalization catchword are a few main areas of policiy choices that include trade liberalization, de-nationalization and privatization, and deregulation.

    Later in the late 20th Century, these policy choices became bundled with a radical new philosophy - free market fundamentalism.

    This last development was also not inevitable. The original globalization agenda was being promoted (CFR, Chatham House) decades before Ayn Rand, Frederick Hayek, or the Austrian School, the early pioneers of sociopathic capitalism, were even born.

    There's a fascinating history there, which I won't delve into here. I just want to reiterate the point that globalization, as most people usually define it(which is not very specifically) didn't just happen. It was the product of an unprecedented, multi-trillion dollar political operation, involving thousands of powerful people.

    Now, there is a kind of globalization that was inevitable. We can call it SWG (shrinking world globalization). Modern developments in technology (transportation, communications) effectively facilitated the rapid shrinking of our world. There would be no turning back the clock on that. And that's mostly not a bad thing.

    But one has to distinguish between SWG, economic globalization, and neoliberalism. Neoliberalism has merely exploited shrinking world globalization. It is neither dependent on it, nor the cause of it.

    As for "the Beast", to figure out how to stop it, logically, one must first identify its primary weapons. What are they? What gives the Beast its power?

    The answer to this is easy and obvious. The Beast (yes I like this metaphor) derives its power from control of the political process. In the US, that means control of the three main tiers of our political process - government, press, electoral system.

    How does the Beast control government? Obviously, through our corrupt campaign finance system. People know this in overwhelming numbers, yet fail to focus on it as the only possible solution to restore power back to the people.

    Day after day, progressives fight for health care reform, financial reform, etc. etc. etc, and they're only bangong their heads against walls.

    There will be no reform, no solutions to anything until we first solve the core problem: money in politics. That what should have us in the streets. Because that's the only way to bring change. One can't expect politicians to vote so completely against their own interests. Most wouldn't hold office if it weren't for the corrupting influence of money.

    I don't know why this is so hard for otherwise intelligent people to comprehend. But all your efforts will continue to be in vain until this singular issue is resolved. Al of them.

    How the Beast controls the press, or more accurately, the mass media is also rooted in money: it owns it.

    I'll save the electoral process for another time. Regardless, making it illegal to give polititians money must be not only the number one priority. It must be the only priority for there to ever be a chance of defeating this monster.

    Did I mention that's the only fucking way? Just making sure.

    •  I meant SWG in your terminology. It necessarily (0+ / 0-)

      drives some other stuff (e.g. outsourcing) but of course neoliberalism is a separate issue. Yeah, money in politics is a problem. But it has nothing to do with globalization.

      •  Nope (14+ / 0-)

        Outsourcing is just a product of trade policies, regulation and tax structure. All of these could be changed tomorrow to completely reverse our trade deficit.  Nothing about the advancements, if that word applies, in world shrinking technology requires that the US allow US manufacturers to shut their factories down here and reopen them in China.

        In fact, there was a time, long after international telephone calls and Transatlantic flight, when a company would have been severely penalized for doing that. Lobbying, corruption, and what I have to call outright treason amongst American politicians, changed those policies.

        There's an amazing speech former Democratic Senator Fritz Holling gave on the floor of the Senate back on June 30, 1993, where he speaks with a rare and striking degree of candor:

        If you ever run for President, you get very wonderful, embossed invitations from the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, and you get the coffee and fine china, and, man, you arereally a high muckety-muck.

        And then what they do is get you to swear on the altar of free trade an undying loyalty and support---free trade, free trade.  That is all they want.  And they co-opt every one of these young Senators that want to run for President.

        He didn't mention what he meant by co-opting. But he wrote a book years later that drew attention to the corrupting influence of money in politics.

        What people need to understand about "globalization" is that it's really about global centralization. They can blather all day about "free" markets but what it's really about is economic concentration that now has a global span. This is unprecedented in human history, not the idea, but the degree.

        You mentioned in your first comment an argument about how many countries have avoided globalization none. This raises a really important point. The titans of finance, who are and have always been behind the globalism movement, have really wrapped up the entire world at this point.

        The same crowd imposing austerity in Europe is the same crowd imposing it in Egypt and Latin America. I mean, to the extent that the "Beast" can be characterized as an empire, and there are serious limits on that characterization, this empire is bigger and more locked down that anything conceived of before in all of history. It is truly fascinating.

    •  Wow, great comment. (3+ / 0-)
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      James Hepburn, 3rdOption, ratzo

      I will have to come back to this a few times in the next couple of days.

    •  I wish I had a Thousand Recs... (0+ / 0-) give to this comment.

      "the tranquilizing drug of gradualism" - MLK

      by 3rdOption on Wed Jun 13, 2012 at 02:51:08 AM PDT

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