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  •  In the objective world rich and powerful (7+ / 0-)

    rightwingers, since at least Goldwater's '64 trashing,

    have assembled living human bodies in the identical location, simultaneously, for the purpose of elucidating their goals and tactics, but all sharing a clearly stated purpose of gaining political power in the United States;

    they came to agreement on very definite and specific goals and tactics and made records of these goals and tactics;

    which were published and distributed in the form of ink-on-paper as books and articles able to be touched and seen;

    for which were transferred countable amounts of monies using real numbers, through checks signed with pens and such, all existing in space and time;

    which led, according to the previously agreed-upon goals and tactics, to the creation of Think Tanks and media outlets which have actual addresses and employees, visible on the internet or if you are around the workplace;

    which then, as per the clearly written plan, end up broadcast to the living American voting public on television and radio, and stated again in print, through actual interviews and articles and such. The broadcasts measurable in time on clocks, the papers, again being able to be seen and read.

    which then, actually affects elections, as measured by human beings going to polling stations, and in their comments when interviewed by other real human beings;...

    We could do the rest in detail, but I'm pretty sure almost everyone gets the drift. History might be ideology on occasion, but the actual records of people, what they say about what they intend, how they will do it, and the results, these are not Ideology. This is just Plain History.

    The Steam Engine and the farming of tomatoes are not ideologies either, but they actually happen. Scheming by power-hungry people to gain more power and more wealth has never been absent from history. That is not an ideological statement. That is history.

    It continues as it has. It is as it is. Like ice, like fire.

    The Internet is just the tail of the Corporate Media dog.

    by Jim P on Tue Jun 12, 2012 at 08:33:16 PM PDT

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