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View Diary: Jeb Bush 'clarifies' statements that Reagan would have had a 'hard time' in modern GOP (83 comments)

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    This topic makes me a lil crazeh so I'm gonna mosey along before I 'splode.

    But I've had this conversation for 3 years with people on this site, many of whom insisted that, with his election, President Obama had ushered in a new era, one in which old frames of reference were rendered obsolete.

    They wanted to think that the(obvious) decency of President Obama had shattered all those left/right, redstate/bluestate differences and we were all gonna unite behind him.

    It struck me as fucking madness.

    Jeb is learning the lesson.
    Let's hope the WH has figured it out to, the republicans are NOT interested in negotiating.

    GOT IT?!

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