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    Reagan = worst President ever, until GWB.

    The only ones trying to glorify Reagan are all the people that should have gone to jail for serving in his administration. The rest of the Republican hacks that routinely sing his praises are just trying to jump on the bandwagon. They have very little in common with Reagan. Jeb Bush is right: none of Reagan's actual policies would pass muster with today's sorry excuse for a Republican party.

    The only thing that Reagan has in common with today's assholes is ignorance. He had no freaking idea what his minions were doing for  the last 7.5 years of his presidency and it is doubtful he had much idea in the first 6 months.

    By the time he left office he was well into the throes of Alzheimer's.

    Reagan was a total creation of his political handlers and his reputation is a total fabrication perpetuated by the very same people.

    His "victory" over the unions was no victory. He managed to destroy one union, PATCO, completely through ignorance and bad advice and at the cost of millions of job-years and billions of dollars in lost profits for the airlines. Mistake #1: his advisors told him there were a few hundred "trouble-makers" in PATCO and if he gave a 48-hour deadline and held firm he would defeat the union at no cost to anyone and solidify his reputation forever (nice reputation for a former union president - the guy had no fucking clue what he was doing!) - by giving such a short deadline he managed to lock out 85% on the workforce with reinstatement a political impossibility. It took the air traffic control system nearly a decade to recover, a decade which saw billions of dollars of losses for and the demise of several airlines, which airlines had been assured nothing like that would happen. They deserved it. They were trying to set an example to cow the airline pilots' and stewardesses' unions and they ended up putting their industry into a decade-long tailspin.

    On the other hand, if anybody with any sense had been in charge of his union relations, they would have a) offered to negotiate if the work stoppage ceased (it would have, I was there); or b) made the deadline something like a week or two. Either way he would have gotten back all but a handful of union members at a relatively small cost to all parties involved.

    That is what an intelligent person could have accomplished.

    Reagan was an idiot surrounded by a sea of idiots. He and most of his cronies should still be rotting in jail for the Iran-Contra arms deal, not to mention treason for negotiating with the Iranians before the election in order to assure his own election.

    Anybody who thinks that Reagan had any ideals or even a functioning brain is a perfect candidate for buying the Brooklyn Bridge.

    OK. And now we begin the part of the show where we pull out individual words and phrases of the commenter to try to determine the "real" meaning of the comment.... let the games begin.

    by hillbrook green on Tue Jun 12, 2012 at 04:48:11 PM PDT

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