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View Diary: "Why was my comment deleted!?!?!?" A brief diary for future reference. (203 comments)

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  •  Scoop is God, and s/he's got an UID of 1 (19+ / 0-)

    In contrast, Markos' UID is 3, and Meteor Blades' is 6. Scoop's mojo rating is XXX, as in: "Don't ask, you can't handle it".

    I know this because once I lost TU status. The Great Scoop came down from that big circuit board in the sky and made me whole again....Really, it happened! My wife was all like: "That's nice honey, you going to mow the lawn today or what?".

    It's good ta be da TU. I think.

    •  Scoop? (8+ / 0-)

      I think that happened to me too.  I didn't understand it - still don't!  Got a message from Scoop - thought it was like a crank call, as it was empty, so deleted it.  Did I upset the gods?  Cause someone to have to enter codes manually to save me?  

      If my TU status was deleted, I never realized it.  Life seemed to go on here.  Anyway, I try to be good, and not get into any 'fights.'

      However, there are occasionally some HARUMPHS! because I have some purple in my wardrobe now that I've entered the Medicare years and I will stand up for myself and the things in which I believe.  Not dead yet.  

      The sky didn't fall but I'm still mystified - and probably very naive.  
      Tonight we sent off our first check of support to President Obama's re-election.  Did that instead of buying a TV to replace the 20 yr old one.  

      •  I wonder which would have been more useful (0+ / 0-)

        Sending the money to Barack so he could pay for more advertisements to ward off the SuperPACs or spending the money on stimulating the economy so more people would be back at work, thereby lifting the nation's mood and causing more people to not fear re-electing Barack.

        Decisions, decisions.  I see where you made yours, but I've not yet decided (other then entering to get a chance for dinner with him).  I'm likely to be a stimulating the economy kind of person, though I'll use shoe-leather to try and help him get elected.

        •  We are doing what we can (1+ / 0-)
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          in actions too.  Unfortunately the aging process has made custom shoes very expensive, along with $6,000 worth of hearing aids that don't work well with phones.  Trying to still be the only one in a group of friends who doesn't  have a knee replacement.       YMMV

          Glad you are able to pound the pavement & good luck with the dinner lottery.  

          But short of a couple of friends who have no TVs, my mother's old 14" Zenith with homemade antenna (No Cable), is vintage compared to the 40" flat screens we see around us.  

    •  You know what else (3+ / 0-)
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      bleeding blue, weatherdude, Dvalkure

      it's good to be?

      A Lannister

      I'm a Ripplearian: I don't know; don't really care; let there be songs to fill the air

      by Frankenoid on Wed Jun 13, 2012 at 08:00:50 AM PDT

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