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  •  My parents couldn't help me with college (20+ / 0-)

    so I had to wait until I was 25 to be considered 'independent' so I could get financial aid to go back to school. I started my undergraduate degree at 26, after working in factories, cleaning houses, landscaping, and doing whatever I could to survive. When I graduated things looked up for a short time. Then the economy tanked. I went back to get my Master's degree recently and graduated last May. I'm 70,000 in debt now, from both my degrees. I consider myself lucky. Only three people from my class of 20 have found jobs. It's been over a year since many have been looking. I get emails from my very depressed classmates. They are at their wits end.

    I make just enough to pay my loans, rent, and bills, and constantly worry about losing my job. But I am grateful everyday that I am employed.

    I used to think education was the way out, my dad, who worked in potato fields to put himself through college made his life better, he lived in a one room shack with his 7 brothers and sisters until he finished school and got a decent paying job.  My brother put himself through school, and it lifted him up as well.

    Now I'm not so sure getting an education will necessarily help. There just aren't enough jobs. And if you are a college graduate, and do find a job, your student loans will eat away a good chunk of it. To be honest, I used to think I had a bright future. I'm 40 now, my life got started late. I have no savings, no retirement, and little hope.

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