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    ferg, Mr Robert
    I don't want Miss Baby to grow up thinking girls are people who have to be rescued because they're too stupid or too frail to get themselves out of dangerous situations.
    I loved Nancy Drew.  I'm not sure that made a difference (feminism was in the air and the water back then -- or maybe I've always been a liberal, lol) but the "plucky girl detective" stuff definitely appealed.

    In fifth grade, a friend introduced me to science fiction.  We read the Heinlein juvies, of course (in retrospect, probably very sexist but back then who was paying attention: it was the cool space stuff that appealed) but I also read Madeleine L'Engle around then -- and Meg's another plucky girl who must save the day.

    For very young readers: Bunny Blue (is it still in print?) and A.A. Milne.  And of course Dr. Seuss -- brilliant man.

    FWIW, my mother taught second grade when I was a kid.  Every year we'd go to the store and select Golden Books for Christmas gifts for her students.  For some of those kids, it was the only book in the house/apt.

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