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    The lessons they teach. We want children to learn the correct lessons about life. If a book  teaches what we want taught, we call it a good book.
    Here in Amador County, California we have a "Backpacks for School" drive every summer. The goal is to "stuff a bus" with backpacks full of school supplies. The collected backpacks are given to low income families that need help with school supply purchases.

    It's one of my favorite ways to help children in my community and I participate every year by purchasing several backpacks, etc.

    Well, a couple of years ago someone decided that it would be nice to include age appropriate books for the children in addition to the school supplies. Unfortunately, it turned out to be pretty controversial because different parents had rather varying ideas on what kind of lessons the books should teach.

    I remember that I purchased several titles from the "Rainbow Fish" series by Marcus Pfister for the youngest children. I was quite familiar with his books because I used them when I was a preschool teacher and nobody ever had any strong feelings about them. I mean what's wrong with teaching children about the value of sharing with others, for example?

    Anyway, if you look at the reviews on Amazon you'll see that the ratings are pretty much evenly split between 5-start and 1-start. The distribution seems to reflect the reviewers politics and I believe that explains the split that you see.

    Nobody complained to me about the Rainbow Fish books that I donated, but they decided to drop the practice of including books the following year because there were some number of complaints although I don't have any of the details.

    I was a little disappointed about the change because it really was fun shopping for the books. Oh, well.

    Honesty pays, but it doesn't seem to pay enough to suit some people. Kin Hubbard

    by Mr Robert on Mon Jun 25, 2012 at 05:13:48 PM PDT

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