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View Diary: Senator Cornyn, Eric Holder Is Not Your N****r (263 comments)

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  •  The Brown Man is back (8+ / 0-)

    I think this diary might contain 30 - 40% of the rage I felt last night when I saw this stooge they call a senator look like he was mouthing words he was learning for a third grade play.

    A white hot heat went over me when I saw Senator Cornyn's body language.  

    And since none of my pals who I talk to when I am incensed about politics were around, I decided to use the blog I'd started 4 years ago for this very purpose.

    The reason I posted this here is because for too many white people who I come in contact with, both on the web and in real life, there is too often an insistence that the opposition to Obama and his administration is "not just about race."

    Niggerizing this administration has been 80 fucking percent of the effort to label this president illegitimate BECAUSE ITS THE DAMN SAME THING these kind of white people do to the rest of us minorities when they feel we are encroaching on their shit.

    I am tired of dancing around the issue, of pretending that the specter of the president's brown skin is not the key part of the motivation behind the hundreds of millions of dollars that SuperPAC's are stacking up like cordwood.

    And I am tired of the collective yawn that I see when these roguish thuggish Republicans deign to at like the president, and Eric Holder, and by extension me and the rest of us black folks are nothing but niggers, nothing but niggers who need welfare, nothing but niggers who waste all the taxpayers money while they are living in OUR White House, nothing but niggers who only get to exist because we fucking say so.

    Well fuck John Cornyn again - fuck him and Darrel Issa and that fat head fuck Karl Rove and that aggravating orange asshole and all the rest of these fucking bums.


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