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View Diary: How we could stop the Adelsons and their millions (245 comments)

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  •  I don't really think this is useful (1+ / 0-)
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    except to people who profit from advertising dollars.

    I'd rather see liberals do good things for America with their money, for example, do things that Romney wants to cut, kill, or maim. Pay for a year of firefighters' salaries or clean up a river. Re-open a closed national park.

    Feed hungry children. Put green power generators in Appalachia. Fix the New Orleans levees. Do something for the struggling Gulf waters or fund a project to storyboard sorting out the garbage island in the Pacific. Go to the freaking Moon. You know, there are way better uses for billions of dollars than funneling them into political ads.

    Start doing something really amazing with money, something that Republicans refuse to do for America, and believe me, you'll GET PRESS.

    Lover, fighter, dreamer

    by kate mckinnon on Wed Jun 13, 2012 at 09:49:53 PM PDT

    •  Unfortunately (1+ / 0-)
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      you've placed your faith where it's most tragically predictable to fail.

        Good works will not GET PRESS in this nation in 2012.  News of such behavior will be shamelessly distorted and MISreported by "THE PRESS" because it is the dishonesty and utter failure of journalism in this country that has permitted the 0.01% to bamboozle an entire class of Americans into hating the "enemies" of the 0.01%.

      It has become as stark and fact free as a war between zealots. The teapub "believers" see everybody not of their tribe in terms of enemies to be destroyed, before they destroy "US".

      There really are "two Americas". One of them is frenzied with fear and loathing.  More ads will never turn them in the mere months left before elections.  

      Only the 0.01% who own the media will benefit by an ever greater deluge of advertising dollars.  I imagine their attitude would be, "Bring it!"

      We desperately an OWS style, truly populist "movement" to even the playing field. Unfortunately, I don't see enough time before the epochal, Citizens United elections of 2012 will occur.

      As important as the White House is, the Rovian strategy is to swamp Congressional, state and local elections.  They have their eyes on the real prize.  Fifty states with Katherine Harrises and Ken Blackwells making sure they get the right results. Election after election.

      •  I don't see the point (0+ / 0-)

        of simply handing cash over to the pointless media, for points you make as well.

        You are I are actually saying the same thing. Stop buying ads, for Chrissakes, and get out and DO SOMETHING. And be very visible.

        We are the press and what we do (actually DO) matters. Enough of the Machine and more action.

        Lover, fighter, dreamer

        by kate mckinnon on Thu Jun 14, 2012 at 08:48:54 PM PDT

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