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View Diary: How we could stop the Adelsons and their millions (245 comments)

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  •  It depends on your definition of "Liberal" (0+ / 0-)

    whether some or all of these billionaires are Liberal.

    If you define "Liberal" as anyone to the left of the average contemporary Republican politician, then yes they're liberal.

    If you define "Liberal" as anyone who believes in traditional Liberal values such as strong enforcement of Anti-trust laws, restraints on the power of large corporations, labor rights, & so forth, I don't think many of them  would fall into that category. A number of them have been accused of business dealings that aren't in the best interests of larger American society (for example, a lot of high-tech companies have off-shored their customer service departments). Many I'd label as moderates or centrists in their political outlook; a few I'd label conservative Democrats like Ben Nelson of Nebraska.

    I expect these billionaires contribute money to Democrats & not Republicans because they know the modern Republican party is batshit crazy, & another Republican administration would be the equivalent of going on vacation & leaving your drug addicted idiot nephew to watch over your house with full access to your checking account & credit cards.

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