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View Diary: Record-level deportations continue under Obama Administration (223 comments)

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    issues like this and I really would like him to do the "right thing" more often but stuff like deportations and drone strikes don't bother the majority of Americans right now.  They're all too concerned with the economy.  I am hopeful that things can improve in his second term but in order for these issues to be addressed and resolved, we as progressive activists need to persuade those who are centrist or non informed voters that Obama is making some wrong decisions here and that we need him to be brave and make the right calls.  If there is a large call for ending these deportations and drone wars from the American people and these topics become real campaign issues that could cost Obama his re-election, then we'll see change.  Obama himself said it best on The Colbert Report back in 2008, "This is a center right country that likes things the way they are until it really becomes a problem."  I have to agree with him on that.  I think the majority of people in this country are centrists, it's just a matter of which issues they lean to the left or right of.  

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