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    ...but the Latino community is really, really diverse (I don't think they even agree on what they want to be identified as). I work with Latinos, documented emigrants and undocumented emigrants ( a few Canadians and undocumented Irish) and if you lined them all up they would all point in different directions on emigration policies. I expect the ones the can vote are as diverse. I think the administration knows that. In addition a good portion will vote the way the catholic church tells them to regarding  LGBT issues. Planned parenthood and all that goes with it is not a favorite issue of this portion. The ones I know don't love the activist so much too. I've heard the complaint that they are working for the lazy people. So its hard for me to believe this issue is going to be that important to them as a block when they decide vote or not vote or who for. Sure the Spanish speaking media will make noise and maybe some trouble but in the end they probably will come out and give Obama another chance if the alternative is made clear to them.

    Me? I'm more for the free movement of labor and talent as a commodity. Like a cowboy that can sing.

    I try not to come here more often then I do.

    by Maroon watch on Thu Jun 14, 2012 at 04:58:29 PM PDT

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