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  •  I think I figured out how us Progressives can own (0+ / 0-)

    this argument and persuade people who are either centrists or don't care about this issue.  I was talking to my brother a while back who just doesn't like to vote in general.  I had to beg him to go to the polls and vote for Joe Sestak in 2010.  Now him and I were talking about immigration and he asked me why I care so much about the people who get deported.  His view, they get caught, they get caught and he understands why they would want to come to America but why not try and get in legally so they don't have to fear deportation.  Well I calmly explained to him that it takes a long time to become a citizen or even to enter this country legally and you have to think about where these people are coming from.  A lot of the illegal immigrants that come here are not only coming to America because they love our country but because the areas they live in have become so violent and corrupt that they can't wait a year or so to finally get into America legally.  Think about it.  If you lived in an insanely dangerous and violent part of Mexico like Mexico City or Tijuana, you wouldn't want to wait a year for you and your family to move.  You'd want to flee as soon as you can and have your child in America so they can be raised in the land of opportunity.  After that, my brother said, "Wow, that is a great point to make" and his views have changed.  We can make this a bigger issue, we just have to own the argument, explain it calmly and use the power of persuasion.  You may not convince everyone but if you can at least persuade one or two people, it helps make this a bigger issue and concern.

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