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View Diary: Record-level deportations continue under Obama Administration (223 comments)

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  •  a white supremacist movement? (0+ / 0-)

    You make me laugh . You really are clueless as to what you're talking about. Tell all the Blacks that i have stood with, talked with, eaten dinner with, marched with, that i'm a White Supremacist along with all the other Blacks, Latinos, Europeans, Russians, Asians and even Democrats that i've stood with to speak out against the Progressive/Socialist/Marxist ideology attempting to hijack this country.

    •   There are some connections, like the John (0+ / 0-)

      Birch society (which I think has some sort of white supremacy issues, but I am not entirely clear what they stand for) with the Tea Party. However, that doesn't mean that all Tea Partiers would commit mass murder of Latinos or that they approve of racism. My read on the Tea Party is that most of them want lower taxes.

      However, laws like the one in Arizona do make people wonder. The whole "looking suspicious" being connected with how you dress or if you have an accent.

      Also, remember, there is always a buildup to genocide. It doesn't happen overnight. There is a gradual brainwashing of the population combined with passing of laws outlawing certain rights.

      Also, most people don't approve of  a racist agenda, but we also know that slavery did exist in our own country. Go to Mt. Vernon and see the slave quarters. So, it is not an impossibility. Hopefully that would never happen, but it has happened in many places.

    •  Your leaders are white supremacists (0+ / 0-)

      Whether some minorities are ignorant of the fact that they're being used is another issue.

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