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View Diary: Netroots Nation 2012: Unrest, DK Bonding, and The priceman Experience (66 comments)

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    well.  I expected much harsher treatment for that.  KO has replied multiple times.

    I understand what you are saying but it is not just us at dailykos but all the eyes that read and never say anything.

    Obama only works well up front when he does not have to be specific and he knows it.  I can admire that.  It is important to know who you are.

    He had a choice a blazing one term presidency that could have done who knows what and maybe got him another term.  Or go along to get along.

    I will never be able to decide if they scared the stuffing out of him right away and up front or he just fooled all of us from the get go.

    What rings with me most is a dinner I went to at USC where a young black South African man said Obama had set black leadership across the globe back 50 years.

    He gets my vote for it is for time but not my respect.

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