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View Diary: What restaurants should you eat in if you care about workers? (100 comments)

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    If I were to use this guide, and were to choose to eat at a popular restaurant, this guide would be kind of useless to me.  It would tell me that if I wanted to spend huge amounts of money on a so-so burger, or bad ethnic, there might be one or two places I could go, but otherwise I should just ignore the whole thing.  No one who is big is doing anything meaningful to make the workers lives better.

    Take for instance that membership in ROC gives you a pass on this pass/fail system. Why should this matter?  You either pay employees a livable wage or you don't.  Sugar bliss, for example, and I have no idea who they are as I am in the south and have never been to Chicago, is a member but their employees are evidently paid at the poverty level, so who cares?

    To continue 50% of their employees are promoted.  Again, so what?  You are promoted from a tipped to non-tipped position, and make less than $9, in chicago?  I live in a cheap place and still you need to make at least $11 or $12 to get by.  The structure makes sugar bliss look like it might be a ethical place, but really, no sick days and servant wages?  Why should anyone eat there?

    What I would like to see is some shades of grey and real intelligence.  What is the average entry level pay?  Do they pay tipped workers non-tipped pay when they do non-tipped labor?  Do they actively keep employees to part time status?  Do they provide benefits?  What are their legal exposure beyond representation by ROC.  Do they have complaints filed with EOEC.

    As it is this is feels kind of like the BBB.  A front group meant to protect firms from the demands of consumers.

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