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View Diary: Awesome: CA man SCHOOLS anti-gay supervisors at public meeting (10 comments)

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    I’ve been an activist for over a decade and have done many demonstrations and have done public speaking many times. I confronted outgoing Congressman Herger at a town hall meeting before and that was in front of a large anti-LGBT group. I disrupted a visit by anti-LGBT leader Brad Dacus at a local anti-LGBT church in this area last year too.

    I actually confronted one of these guys – Supervisor Gallagher last year before this meeting.

    Jeff Confronts Sutter Co. Sup. Gallagher On SB 48

    And yet it can be so nerve wracking indeed. I was surprised at how nervous I was this time.

    During NO on 8, I was employed with the campaign as a low level volunteer recruiter so I was unable to do much to counter the Yes on 8 activity there back in ’08.

    I had a lot of pent up anger at these people from what they did to the LGBT community in my hometown.

    Next, despite confronting him last year, I also got Gallagher to have lunch with me. These people never even talk to us and get to know us. I told him during lunch I was likely going to go to a meeting and call them out on their anti-LGBT activity. We had a good visit and he was polite but still insistent on voting against equality. I tried my best rebuttal lines on why he should not oppose equality despite thinking homosexuality is a sin.

    At least there is a human face to their anti-LGBT actions now.

    ANYONE can go to those meetings and speak during public comment.

    At you can see when the meetings are.

    I am no longer in Y-S or I would have gone again.

    I hope some couples with kids or parents of LGBTs and other LGBTs will get out there and go speak from their hearts and share their perspective on how they feel about the awful actions of these anti-LGBT people.

    We may not change their minds but at least we can inspire other LGBTs to stand up for themselves and not let this type of anti-LGBT activity go un-challenged.

    PS: please email me at regarding correction. I tried to message you but it does not seem to work.  Thanks.

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