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View Diary: Ayn Rand Supporters Collude to Downrate Book Exposing Their "Philosophy" (22 comments)

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    Not only that, one who actually expects us to believe the following:

    1.  That the ARI has "never talked about or even noticed this book" despite Weiss interviewing several members and featuring those interviews in the later chapters.

    2.  That we should take him (and Ayn Rand) seriously because he has a Ph.D. in philosophy and has taught the works of this "philosopher" at several universities.  That his career at his last steady teaching gig (CUNY) ended thirty years ago, and that it seems to have ended with not getting tenure after the traditional seven years and out, seems not to make a whit of difference to us taking him as a Very Serious Philosopher.

    3.  He's appeared on Glenn Beck, presumably as part of Beck's campaign against anything that even vaguely smacks of liberalism and traditional American values that conflict with Ayn Rand's selfishness and hypocrisy.

    4.  It's fascinating that he defends Rolph's review as "unusually well written" even though it's obvious from her own statement that she couldn't have read the entire book.   I guess this means that honesty doesn't count when it comes to slamming someone who doesn't fall down and worship at the altar of Ms. "I oppose government programs unless they pay for my cancer treatment" Rand.

    5.  He was a close friend of Ayn Rand's, which means he was probably part of the Collective.   This explains a great deal.

     I misspelled his surname.  My bad.  Otherwise, I stand by everything I wrote, both in this diary and in my review of the book:

    Ayn Rand was an appalling hypocrite and a terrible writer, and her works have been a pernicious influence on American life.  The sooner Americans come to their senses and stop taking her ideas seriously, the better we will all be.

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