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View Diary: Censored 9 Year Old Food Blogger Raised $80,000 Today as Story Goes Viral (105 comments)

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    My first "political" action was protesting the food in our school cafeteria. I wrote an editorial for the school paper about the lack of fresh fruits or vegetables ( I can still taste the horrible canned peas and carrots that were served).  The paper was confiscated by the school administrator before it was distributed and I was told I was no longer an editor.  I was supposed to apologize to the cafeteria staff for "demeaning" their efforts.   I published the paper on our home mimeograph ( long before xerox was such a common term) and handed it out at recess.  Story was picked up by our local paper, brouhaha at next school board meeting, and we had apples on the menu every day after that.   Cafeteria staff was actually behind the effort to make it happen.  

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