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View Diary: Going Home Again: Fairfield County's Towns, Precincts, and Representatives (Part 1) (61 comments)

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    the lawn placards, that's for sure.  I wonder if some of those "backcountry Greenwich" mansions have Romney lawn signs that can be seen from a low-flying plane.

    The question of ideology is an interesting one too.  The reason I included "representatives" in the title is that I was thinking of looking at everyone's voting record--which I still might do, but again, the diary's long as it is.  

    I did look at a few votes highlighted by Project Votesmart where Elizabeth Esty voted "Nay" against most Democrats.  Joe Mioli, then the state Representative for HD-136 (most of Westport), voted with her on a few of these, as did some other Fairfield County Democrats.  

    I didn't see Westport's other "anomaly" representative, Kim Fawcett, on there.  But she voted "Nay" on a few big things as well, including same-sex marriage!

    That's very surprising to me.  Here are all the Democrats who voted against same-sex marriage:

    CT    3    Rep.  Minnie  Gonzalez 
    CT    7    Rep.  Douglas  McCrory 
    CT    22    Rep.  Elizabeth  A.  'Betty'  Boukus 
    CT    29    Rep.  Antonio  'Tony'  Guerrera 
    CT    45    Rep.  Steven  T.  'Steve'  Mikutel 
    CT    57    Rep.  Ted  Graziani 
    CT    72    Rep.  Larry  B.  Butler 
    CT    73    Rep.  Jeffrey  J.  Berger 
    CT    75    Rep.  David  Aldarondo 
    CT    79    Rep.  Frank  N.  Nicastro  Sr.
    CT    104    Rep.  Linda Menna  Gentile 
    CT    116    Rep.  Louis  P.  'Lou'  Esposito  Jr.
    CT    119    Rep.  Richard  F.  'Dick'  Roy 
    CT    133    Rep.  Kim  Fawcett 
    CT    136    Rep.  Joseph  S.  'Joe'  Mioli 
    CT    140    Rep.  Bruce  V.  Morris 
    CT    145    Rep.  Patricia  Billie  Miller 
    As for the Fairfield County ones...Morris represents a majority-minority district in Norwalk, and we know about Fawcett and Mioli.  Miller represents a majority-minority district in Stamford.

    This is very, very surprising to me.  Same-sex marriage would be just about the last thing that I'd expect Westport Democrats to be conservative on.

    Here are the Republicans who voted for it:

    CT    14    Rep.  Bill  Aman 
    CT    55    Rep.  Pamela  Z.  Sawyer 
    CT    68    Rep.  Sean  Williams 
    CT    69    Rep.  Arthur  J.  O'Neill 
    CT    113    Rep.  Jason  Perillo 
    CT    114    Rep.  Themis  Klarides 
    CT    125    Rep.  John  W.  Hetherington 
    CT    134    Rep.  Tony  Hwang 
    CT    142    Rep.  Lawrence  F.  Cafero  Jr.
    The Fairfield County ones?  We know about Cafero.  Hwang represents the part of Fairfield I haven't covered yet, as well as some of Trumbull.  Hetherington represents New Canaan and maybe some of Wilton.

    26, Dem, Dude seeing a dude, CT-04(originally), PA-02/NY-14 (formerly PA-02/NY-12).

    by Xenocrypt on Tue Jun 19, 2012 at 12:22:19 PM PDT

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