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View Diary: The big Senate debate on food stamps: Is feeding the poor moral? (223 comments)

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    Oh Mary Oh, Fairlithe, mchestnutjr, kyril

    can the elite in the senate discuss, with straight faces, how much to take away from assistance to the poor and  unemployed and how much to reduce taxes on the upper 5%.  Is there is no shame in you , senator from a state that draws so much federal money for its high poverty and unemployment levels?  Do the poor not vote?  Are you sure you will win re-election. senator?

    My what a mess you all have created, Republicans.  You created a bankrupt nation, you prevent spending and stimulus which most economists say are badly needed. and you want the only progressive black president we will see in certainly my lifetime to be perceived as an abject failure and an illegitimate president who must leave Washington in total and complete failure and forever be know as a Kenyan, Communist imposter who destroyed America.

    Are you people fucking crazy?

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