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View Diary: The big Senate debate on food stamps: Is feeding the poor moral? (223 comments)

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    Which reminds me of an old joke:

    Rich guy dies and finds himself at the Pearly Gates talking to St. Peter who asks his name.  The guy gives his name and St. Peter begins looking him up in "the book".  He hunts and hunts and finally gives up.

    "Sorry he says. I can't find you in "the book" anywhere.  When you were alive did you ever do anything good?  Anything at all?"

    The rich guy thinks and thinks then finally remembers. "Oh, yeah I gave a bum a dime one time to buy a cup of coffee."

    "That's it?" said St. Peter skeptically.  Well OK, I'm going to have to check with the boss on that.  Wait right here.  

    After awhile St. Peter comes back with a dime and hands it to the rich guy who looks at it and asks, "What's this?"

    "It's a dime," said St. Peter.  The boss said to give the bastard his dime back and tell him to go to hell."

    A bad idea isn't responsible for those who believe it. ---Stephen Cannell

    by YellerDog on Sat Jun 16, 2012 at 05:02:05 PM PDT

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