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  •  The kids were children who were used by a man who (11+ / 0-)

    thought his sexual drives should be satisfied with children."

    He didn't just "think" it,  He sought and gained positions of public and social trust to act out what even he certainly knew was a perversion, illegal, and mortal sin, and what was certainly against his employer's SOP, and the SOP of the charitable group he worked with.

    Penn State and the Athletic Department and the Football program allowed him, a lone adult, to get naked with children, with no third part adult to supervise or witness, in the relative seclusion of the shower room.

    Now what could possibly go wrong with that situation?

    How could Penn State never question why an adult man wanted to shower nude with young boys?  

    Most universities have staff dressing and shower areas, as do many other types of facilities.  

    How could Penn State have been so willfully blind for so long?

    •  Really? (1+ / 0-)
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      "How could Penn State have been so willfully blind for so long?" No one who has paid attention to big time college football would ask that question.

      At a place like Penn State nothing is more important than football. Football is a religion there. Joe Paterno was pope. Jerry Sandusky was a priest who just needed to be warned and transferred to another post.

      Big time college athletics has its own logical system, and like religious doctrine, it's all self-contained. Coaches make millions and players make nothing, and it makes perfect sentence to all concerned. Where else in the universe could this be true?

      The logic extends to the football coach at US Naval Academy, the highest paid employee in government.

    •  It was long ago, but our showers were just (1+ / 0-)
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      a big room.  Everybody went in, showered up, and left at our own pace.  Girl's/women's showers were divided up, but our never were.  There was some jockularity (misspelling intentional) - towel snapping and the like.  That was true at the secondary school level as well as the college level.  In both of those instances, the boys or young men involved were much older than the kids Sandusky abused.  I got used to it pretty quickly and I don't think it was ever a problem.

      As to sexual issues that might arise from that locker room set-up, we generally knew which of our prep school masters not to be alone in the shower with.  That sort of social radar doesn't give rise to a need to report.

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