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View Diary: Another View of the Sandusky Case; UPDATE (81 comments)

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    I'm a 61 year old gay very liberal person.
    I've seen mind manipulation by these rampant sick REPUKES since the great grandppippi Reagon absurpted power. Their supposed power over innocent children.
    Today is one of the most sickening manipulation days I've seen in my life.
    They are evil & now spinning into non existence with their insanity.
    Sandusky, Cheney's daughter gets married (supposedly she's "Gay") & where it supposed to POINT; it's Gay Pride in NY & San Francisco.
    It doesn't get anymore repuke insane.
    I haven't been following the trial, it like repukes sickens me. My wonderment is were these children subjected to unprotected sex? I haven't seen that as a headline to any post.
    I hate the repukes!
    Cheney's, black heart & all hiding behind his daughters skirts. And the reply post, but his (AhAhAh) daughter doesn't wear skirts.

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