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    on a daily basis, I work with victims. I don't have a real need to see it to be honest because I know what will be said. They were treated poorly which obviously is a "poor" descriptive word that doesn't fully capture what I mean, and treated so in many ways, and they believe (more than likely correctly) that their accuser got away, and certainly, I know the impact that can have.

    Because while my prosecution record is good, it unfortunately is not 100 percent. I say unfortunate because in a perfect world, only guilty people would go to trial, and everyone of those trials would result in a conviction. Of course, neither are true.

    From my POV we have a societal rape problem, not simply a military rape problem. Thus, that doesn't mean everything is hunkydory in the military, but I do believe that of any sector of our society, the military is moving closer to right, faster.

    But of course there are still going to be instances where a victim is treated wrongly, so you could probably do another film like this two years from now.

    My belief though is that fewer new alleged victims will be able to say "I identify with that."

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      I think of all the other social issues that have been tackled in by the military first and I hope that this becomes one they solve sooner rather than later. This film might make more civilians aware and it does encourage folks to take action by calling congress. The more that people are aware, the better. Thanks for the thoughtful comments. I really do appreciate it.

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