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View Diary: Why the world may change on Sunday (and how it could affect the 2012 election) (291 comments)

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  •  It will happen to most/all free developed nations (7+ / 0-)

    An environment of massive transfers of wealth from free working-classes to multinational corporations via cheap (human-livestock) labor permitted by the WTO (i.e. globalization) will undermine the tax-bases of all free developed nations, lowering wages, thereby lowering government revenues, at the same time increasing the public’s need for government assistance.
    The so-called protectionists who have said for decades that free people will lose their standards of living, economic freedom etc. by being forced into unrestricted, unbalanced trade with slave/indentured servant-labor markets will soon be proven correct beyond all doubt.
    Globalization simply transfers wealth from free working-classes to multinational corporations.

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