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View Diary: Apple, Software Patents, AAC Systems, and the Silencing of Maya (24 comments)

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    I am Rose W., a mom of a child who had a severe language impairment, and also have a degree in Special Ed.  

    Somehow, I have been watching and listening to little Miss Maya's growth on the Augmentative Communication device she uses and the software with intense real time! What I am saying is, I am seeing little Maya grow her language in a way similar to how my son did.  The thing is, Maya is picking up language faster than my son did, although he has always had his voice.  Developmentally, she is racing ahead with the software that fits her needs.

    As a special educator at one time, I know many parents just give up AAC devices because of the expense, both in time, money, and ill fit to their child's needs.  I think it's time the Prentke Romich Company (PRC) GROW UP, and return to their "customers" some of the wealth they have achieved because of them.  

    This is so low life, I can't believe it.

    Techies, being the independent sort...are not going to take this lying down.  They tend to stand up for the "little girl".  But if more of PRC's customers hit their wallet...we live in an insular world.  We often live in our own little bubbles. I HOPE PARENTS KNOW, and Speech Path's can decide if this is the type of company they want to give business to. They could be paying for the adaption by the speech therapists, who had the wisdom and love to do this for kids like Maya.  What goes around comes around, especially when it comes to children.  I'd hate to have their karma.  Gonna bite them in the rear one day.  The sooner, the better.

    Well, and again, this particular post has been reposted on "Educational Alternatives".  I see myself as a member of the special education wing . Our kids often get the short end of the stick, not on purpose, but because it is so difficult. At least it will always be here for us to remember how a small group of dedicated people can change things.

    I <3 Maya...You GO girl!  You have tasted the power of language.  I saw my own son go through that stage.  There will be no going back for Maya.  She will find a way.  God bless her and her mama!


    If you starve the middle class, whose gonna pay for your crap?

    by rosabw on Wed Jun 20, 2012 at 07:24:31 AM PDT

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