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View Diary: Riding a bike without a helmet; well, Stupid (24 comments)

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  •  it takes 2 seconds to get hurt (4+ / 0-)
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    I started wearing a helmet in the 80's, after seeing greg lemond wear one in the tour de france.  One day in 2001, I took my minivan to be inspected & threw my bike in the back to ride to a friend's house while waiting...when I got to the garage I saw I'd forgotten the helmet...but what could happen in a mile?  I rode to my friend's, had coffee  & shot the breeze, & headed back to the garage ...then woke up in a CT scanner at westchester county medical center..small bleed in my skull...with a helmet, it would have been a stiff neck..

    Glad you liked St. Luke's..I was a fellow there & met my wife who still practices there 20 years later...I spent many nights moonlighting in that ER

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