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  •  I don't even know what to say (22+ / 0-)

    I have mentioned before that Tricare sent us a letter about Josh's last surgery, that the doctors did it without a lengthy approval from them, and they weren't sure how legal that was therefore they were giving us "notice" that we may at some point be saddled with that bill.  ACA saved our children first.  Suddenly when Josh needs a medical treatment because a physician deems his life being threatened, they don't need approval from the insurance companies.  Josh's last surgery fell into that category, they held off for as long as they could because his growth plates are still so far apart but he was having a hard time breathing.  We ran up to the line on it, because it was in his best interest to do that and his doctors could do that without any hassle thanks to ACA.

    If they really think that they are going to bill me $300,000 after this family has been an active duty deploying family for ten years now,  I don't even know what they think they can get away with doing to the rest of you.  Maybe when you can't pay your bill......soylent green?

    I get so upset by all this insanity.  And my husband loves working with NATO soldiers.  He does it every chance he can get, and I ask him at times like this, "Can't you just work for NATO?"  And I mean it, and it hurts him, and there are jobs for him there.  I want to escape my own nation, I want to live happy and not afraid all the time, and it really hurts the soldier who was born here and swears to protect it all.  What else to do though?  I just wasn't born one of those people who sits on my hands waiting for it get better.  I just always go where it is better.  I will always fight for the poor.  I will always fight against the cheats and swindlers, but my child's life is on the line and this fight leads ME to depravity.  Do they realize that that movie John Q makes perfect sense to me?

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