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View Diary: What's at stake: The SCOTUS and undoing The New Deal (204 comments)

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    no mandate and strong limits on Congressional authority is tantamount to "original intent."  Unless you are a founding father secretly living in a cave for 200 years, you don't know what the original intent was, and neither does the SCOTUS.  

    Progressives need to pass laws to create change and succeed.  Conservatives don't want change so all they need to do is block laws to succeed.  So based on what you're saying, that Congress needs explicit authority from the Constitution for anything they want to do to avoid the possibility of SCOTUS striking their laws down, then the conservatives have won once and for all.  They can artificially restrict the reach of Congress's constitutional authority in practically all arenas.

    Of course that's what they believe -- that's why they were appointed in the first place, because this country elected a President that believed in that, and he appointed justices that believed in that, too.
    Well, that sounds awesome, only I seem to recall that in 2000, the SCOTUS gave the election to George W. Bush, who then bolstered the SCOTUS with more conservative justices.  And then that court then subsequently ruled in Citizens United to allow unlimited corporate money, which will give elections to the Adelsons and Kochs for years to come.  I consider that a problem.  

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