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View Diary: Suddenly Homeless Part 7 - Battling Hunger (60 comments)

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    You said it so well! I love the juxtapositions you use.

    Today, instead of a war on poverty, America has a Republican-launched war on the helpless.

    The GOP believes pregnant women should pay for tax cuts, and children can do without health care to fund the Pentagon. John Boehner cuts Medicare so oil companies – the richest businesses the world ever created – can receive billions in unneeded tax subsidies. Mitch McConnell kills jobs programs to keep the Koch Bros. taxes criminally low. The House tea party caucus replaces food aid for the hungry with loosened regulations for polluters. Republican governors destroy their state’s middle class with union busting laws so they can hand out goodies to their corporate backers paid for with money supposedly saved by ruining people’s lives.

    "extreme concentration of income is incompatible with real democracy.... the truth is that the whole nature of our society is at stake." Paul Krugman

    by Gorette on Sun Jun 17, 2012 at 12:39:06 PM PDT

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