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    I've worked on the elections reform issue since 2004. I've also worked as an active Democratic Party member, supporting the right people in local, county, state and national elections... all the while knowing that the votes are very fragile... easily flipped, dropped or otherwise ignored.  

    I've been able to live with this by understanding that it is still possible to win by overcoming the amount by which they cheat... but also that they won't steal every race where the outcome is predetermined to be Democratic, or where they aren't set up to do so... all the while knowing "they" will when they want to, almost every time.

    Democrats and certainly Republicans don't want to know about this... they deny it out of hand and always have until recently, as huge turnouts such as Wisconsin's belie the supposed vote tallies and exit polls are ignored or readjusted to fit the "official" numbers.

    Hardest thing about this is that when you try to tell Democrats about this who are working their hearts out to win honestly, you're saying their work is for nothing because even when we win, the numbers are often jimmied to show we lose... or as in Obama's victory in 2008, our landslide is stolen so that he is truly denied the will of the people.

    I just can't for the life of me understand why no one at higher levels of the Democratic Party are acting on this.  And the only reason I can figure they are so quiet is that some of them are in on it... that the rampant election theft transcends political party and goes to the heart of our permanent government... those terrified of the Left wing, the so-called slide into Socialism, etc... and of course major media is fully complicit in its silence and lies... (Operation Mockingbird perhaps).

    Far as I'm concerned they are traitors, and I look forward to a time when the truth winds its way out to the public and we can watch them hang for their crimes… and I don't mean just figuratively.

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      that the Democratic Party establishment has to be a major enabler of what is going on, not just with electoral fraud, but with a whole lot of things.  While there are individual Democrats who fight the good fight, the party as a whole does not behave like a true opposition party regarding the Republicans.  Over and over we have seen the Democrats get rolled and you have to ask, "what were they thinking!?"  This is another serious problem with our politics that needs attention.

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