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    reflect the Mormon paternalistic attitude that women are to be on a kept on a pedestal.  They frame it as a reverence for womanhood, but really it's a means to control women's behavior.  As a Mormon woman you would have to try to stay on the pedestal because where is there to go but down?  Any behavior that might be outside the bounds of desirable Mormon womanly behavior could knock you right off the pedestal - a fallen woman.

     It's not easy for the women to stay on the pedestal; it's a constant balancing act and I think it's why so many Mormon  women are depressed.  How fun and rewarding is it for a woman to have to so strictly monitor her behavior so as to stay precariously balanced on top of a pedestal?  Being on a pedestal sounds really good to a lot of young Mormon women, but then they realize that all the fun and rewarding parts of life are happening below that pedestal.

    As I was making my way out of Mormonism I started openly swearing (along with many other forbidden behaviors:) .  It was so liberating, but I feared I was setting a bad example for my sons, who were late teens at the time.  But guess what?  They loved it.  They said it humanized me, made me more relatable. It felt, and still feels, good to be off that pedestal that was used to control my behavior.  Realizing how complicit I was and deciding to regain control changed my life so much for the better.

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