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View Diary: Ann Romney's drugged horse, Super Hit. (287 comments)

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  •  and, perhaps she did "poorly" because the (7+ / 0-)

    horse was physically incapable of doing what he was represented as being capable of doing?

    if i purchased a horse from a trainer such as eberling who sold him as a dressage prospect while KNOWING the physical limitation and hid it by drugging the horse, i would be soundly p*ssed when the horse was incapable of performing.

    the horse, btw, not the rider, is what is judged in dressage.

    the rider's score is a small percentage of that test score.

    stop defending the indefensible.

    eberling drugged the horse to mask the physical problem.  the woman was told the horse was capable of performing when eberling knew full well it couldn't.  furthermore, when the woman discoverd the fraud, especially the blood test and drug results, she had EVERY right to sue and seek redress.

    now, why are you defending this action by the romneys and eberling?  do you CONDONE this type of fraud?  from reading your last post where you try to blame the purchaser, it sounds like you support eberling and romney.

    •  Perhaps (1+ / 0-)
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      or perhaps not. Or perhaps. Or perhaps not. Who knows.

      Thanks for the tip about how dressage is judged. (I was a judge at the Atlanta Olympics BTW).

      Not every rider is capable of getting on a schoolmaster and getting the moves out of that horse that a professional is. Sounds like Super Hit wasn't an amateur's ride. Despite the fact that the horse's performance is scored, it greatly depends on the rider and what they are capable of.

      The only reason there would have been a blood test is if she ordered one in her PPE so if she ordered it and ignored the results, she has no one but herself to blame.

      I'm not defending or condoning it as I explained way way back. There is much richer sources available to hit (Mitt) Romney on, on things that are important to Americans, like outsourcing jobs to China, than the esoterica of the horse industry which he is tangentially involved in at best and Ann may or may not have known about, if there is even any liability on her part.

      BTW it's Ebeling.

      "I'm sculpting now. Landscapes mostly." ~ Yogi Bear

      by eXtina on Fri Jun 22, 2012 at 01:26:20 PM PDT

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      •  but the court records (1+ / 0-)
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        make it pretty clear that the prepurchase vet emailed Amy Ebeling about it and didn't disclose it to Ms. Norris.

        You probably know these people personally if you are an O judge for FEI, so maybe you aren't the most unbiased source for defending what is 'ok'.  In fact, your life, to get to O stature pretty much depends on the big money that flows into dressage from people like the Romneys.

        If you were assisting a client to locate a prospect, and the prepurchase vet told the seller about problems and not your client, would you have a different opinion of the actions?   Because apparently deposition testimony made it clear that the tox screen results were not shared.

        The 2005 exrays were by a different vet, one that worked routinely with the horse, and who apparently, based on his records, administered two of the four drugs before the pre-purchase.  He also administered the steroid injections and hylauronic acid injections between 2005 and 2008 just to the left front. The 2008 xrays were by Dr. Herthel the prepurchase vet.  There were 2009 xrays after Ms. Norris suspected physical issues were part of the problem.  

        The cycnicism of 'buyer beware' when someone or a number of someones work together to conceal test results is pretty disheartening.  I would think an O judge would want dressage to be cleaner than that.  I would hope an O judge cared more about horses than that.

      •  on a side note, how did you like metallic? (1+ / 0-)
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        he was such  a puppydog - i got to watch him before he was ever backed all the way through his training.  he was so willing and happy and enjoyed every moment of his work!

        anne is one of the best trainers i've ever seen (that is why i am so harsh on eberling).  as anne said, you can get much farther with sugar than with punishment!

        i totally agree with you about schoolmasters being harder to ride.  if you don't ask correctly, they don't.


        a greener horse will try to figure out what you are supposed to be asking - the schoolmaster waits until YOU get it right.

        the first working pirouette at the cantor i ever did was to warm up a wonderful older prix st. george horse - when i had him correctly on the aids, my instructor had me spiral in - spiral in - spiral in --- until i started to gasp, then she firmly said SPIRAL IN!!! - then after two turns, she said, now, spiral out - spiral out - spiral out...

        the pirouette was a pure three beat cantor and it was so easy - because the horse was athletic and it felt good to him - as long as i held up my end of the bargain.  now i see horses crow-hopping their back legs in what is the most jolting, unpleasing thing ever that is SUPPOSED to be a pirouette at the cantor.  ugh!

        for me, this issue with the romneys is about ethics - about fraud... not so much about horses!

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