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  •  Crooks in business hide among more honest ones (0+ / 0-)

    and are the loudest sputtering protesters when accused of illegal acts... falling back on counter accusations of their accusers being anti-business and using the more honest business people as cover. A chorus of other crooks and duped business people who drink the "You are being attacked" by crypto commie" kool-Aid. (But not wise in a horse sale to another 1%er...)

    So this mind set comes naturally to Rmoney... it does not even seem wrong to them. A pity for them that they are among the dimmer of the unscrupulous and don't know when not to play fast and loose... A single horse sold to someone with access to good veterinarians and lawyers has more resources for an open and shut case as compared to a worker or even an investor in a Bain destroyed company where the cheating and conniving is all "legalish" with plenty of corporate Teflon coating and grease usually making him and his buddies too slippery for any legal recourse.

    And of course unscrupulous corporations that bend and break rules or pay to have them changed have an advantage in business and competitors are forced to do similar things in order to be competitive or just survive. So the crooks degrade the entire atmosphere they operate in... by forcing mimicry or bankruptcy and a new normal in the corporate Overton window... the idea that somehow the free market will out the crooks eventually overlooks just how much the crooks rig the market to serve them for as long as possible. Much easier when the media is much more on board with the looting since the execs and stars are mostly part of the investment class these days and complicit in their investment choices.

    This does look like a one size fits all single approach to business but that will get a one trick (pony) shyster in trouble eventually... unfortunately there are no mass market magazines like "Horse-dealing Monthly" that trumpet "buyer beware" haha, gotcha! your own fault, cheaters always prosper memes or a FOX News or FOX business program lauding clever horse dealing and admiration for underhanded cheating salesmanship. (well they have those shows but not for horse dealing...) It's Funny - if Mitt was a used car salesman... who would trust him? Would you buy a used dressage horse from this man or his wife?

    Pogo & Murphy's Law, every time. Also "Trust but verify" - St. Ronnie (hah...)

    by IreGyre on Sun Jul 01, 2012 at 02:14:52 AM PDT

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