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View Diary: STOP those who DERAIL DIARIES! (71 comments)

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  •  disagreement with a diary is not derailing (2+ / 0-)
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    SeaTurtle, Noddy

    a diary. Disagreement is good. Argument is effective as a tool for expressing an idea and for refining an idea. Derailing is veering off topic, or using poor, logical error ridden statements to make a point unskillfully. In the current political climate our opponents have gotten the act of dishonest argumentation lacking in integrity down to a science. Just watch Fox or listen to right wing radio. We should strive here to be better than that.

    •  Absolutely. But there's a huge difference between (0+ / 0-)

      trolling and being ineffective at disagreement.

      This diary seeks to ban the latter.

      An Fhirinn an aghaidh an t'Saoghail. (The truth against the world.) Is treasa tuath na tighearna. (The common people are mightier than the lords.)

      by OllieGarkey on Mon Jun 18, 2012 at 11:42:23 AM PDT

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