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  •  There are plenty of rich people who are cool (16+ / 0-)

    That's why many Americans envy them. Sports stars. Musicians. Maybe one out of every thousand businessmen. We tend to like the ones who can still relate to average folks.

    But out of touch is out of touch. Rich, poor, middle class. Doesn't really matter.

    Romney is out of touch because he's got a personality disorder and lacks human empathy. How can you relate if you have no ability to anticipate what other human beings feel? You can't. Who knows how far his personality disorder goes, but it's more serious than any I've seen in a professional politician, and that's a big problem. We obsess about all kinds of ridiculous things in our leaders, but turn around and let diagnosable psychotics hold the most important office on the planet. And they want drug tests for welfare recipients? Howabout sociopath  tests for public office? The power of the presidency in the hands of a man with no empathy is a recipe for the unimaginably inhumane.

    No, it's more than just out of touch when it comes to Romney.

    He's like an alien, straight out of a scifi movie from the 50's.

    When it comes to Romney's level of being out of touch, you can tell within the first 5 minutes of someone talking about any set of semi-important issues.

    Romney is about 10x more out of touch than John Kerry ever was.

    And that's in terms of NASCAR voters.

    Of course that doesn't matter to the media, because the "guy you wanna drink a beer with" meme only matters to the media when they think it helps the Republican who'll earn them more profits in their stock portfolios by scamming the rest of us out of our standard of living and our retirements.

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