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View Diary: BREAKING: Britain stops Russian ship carrying attack helicopters for Syria (187 comments)

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  •  Claiborn still trying to twist the facts to suit (2+ / 0-)

    his narrative. The Iman is a military logistics vessel and therefore will carry a military anti-terrorist contingent - just as American logistic ships do.

    Now I wonder how he knew then to name the Iman and why he failed to mention the anti-terrorist squad on-board.
    I'm calling you on your bullshit, Claiborn:
    Sun Jun 17, 2012
    You may be interested in knowing why there (0+ / 0-)

    are Russian marines on board. They are for protection of the civilian crew as well as providing security for other vessels against pirates under "Atalanta".

    Notice how the western MSM (and this diarist who fell for it) has twisted the facts for the purposes of propagandizing.

    According to your own link, the Iman has completed it's mission in May. It also appears that Russia has cancelled a planned missile-carrying cruiser patrol so as to not exacerbate the situation.
    The Russian Black Sea Fleet's Iman tanker, with an anti-terrorist squad aboard, completed a mission off the coast of Syria in May; that same month, plans for the Moscow missile-carrying cruiser of the Black Sea Fleet to patrol the Syrian coastline was canceled in May.

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