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View Diary: Vagina Dialogues at the Michigan Capitol (67 comments)

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  •  Born and bred in Chicago, actually. (0+ / 0-)

    Working as a molecular virologist at the U of Michigan now. :-)

    As has been said before, the western part of this state has ALWAYS been Alabama of the North.  Their brand of Calvanism, as well as the odd offshoots up in Yooperland, would make most of your Southern Baptist cohorts blanch and start mumbling about the devil.  The trouble is, the moderating influences - the "Rockefeller Republicans" are gone.  When Detroit sits home, as they did in 2010, you get something to the right of Mississippi.  And Detroit is depopulating very quickly.

    And the 2010 gerrymander cemented their gains.  The Democrats won't take back the state Senate for another 10 years.  The House, however, is still in play.

    Things are ugly enough here that if the Supreme Court throws out the ACA, my next move is probably to Canada.  (I need medical care to survive and Medicaid in this state's one of the most restrictive in the nation).

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