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  •  Sorry, but this is a bit facile (0+ / 0-)
    I never met an executive or "business" owner who, when push came to shove, was willing to save employee jobs if it meant lower profits, a lower stock price, or a higher purchase price for the business that was being acquired.  "Hey, it's nothing personal, it's just business, pal."  That has always been their motto.
    If you spent your career as a corporate lawyer, I'm not surprised this has been your experience, and I'm not surprised that you're cynical. But the majority of businesses in the US are not major corporations, they're small businesses--and painting all business owners as Gordon Geckos is not only a simplistic overgeneralization, it's insulting to a lot of progressive business owners who work their asses off to create jobs and do right by their employees.

    I am the CEO of my own company. I've been a CEO for 14 years, and I've stood by my employees as they stood by me through some of the hardest times imaginable for any business and any employee. I given up my salary several times while paying employees because I made a commitment to pay their salary and it's my responsibility to make sure there is money in the bank. Is that the attitude of most businesses? Actually, if you knew the business community like I do--and yes, I also work with a lot of large corporations stuffed with sharks--but if you knew the kinds of small businesses run by people who are pursuing the dream of building a great product and a great company full of great people, you wouldn't write off such an important part of our economy and our future with such a simple stroke of the pen.

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