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View Diary: Videos show Zimmerman walking around the clubhouse w.update (83 comments)

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  •  Can you look (0+ / 0-)

    at 19:09 and 19:39 and tell me if you see the same kind of lichts as in 22:48?

    And if you look in this picture does that match your per perception of what you see in the video?

    I just want to make sure if we are talking about the same kind of lights here.


    •  Tail Lights (0+ / 0-)

      I do!

      I see tail lights in the 19:09.

      I see a car turn away in the 19:38.

      The 22:48 vehicle is moving slower as you can follow the lights as it drives away.  After it makes the u-turn the headlights blaze up the upper left hand area.

      I'll pass this on to tchoupi to see what he sees.

      •  I don't think they are tail lights (0+ / 0-)

        The moving red is just behind the hedge. I think the pool and pool hall video are reasonably in synch. So you see something red moving between 19:09 and 19:39. If you watch closely you can see intermittent light beams south of the moving red. The red moves in the direction of the mail area. At 22:14 you can see a person standing in the opening in the east pool hall video, no flashlight. Person moves back in the direction of the pool. At 22:33 you can see the flaslight in the pool hall, at 22:46 you can see the flashlight again. This time the beam seems to originate closer to the pool. Around 22:30 you can see the light in the top left corner growing. Those are car lights. I think the red is someone moving between the pool and the mail area, while searching with a flashlight.

        •  Passing Cars Logged On Site (0+ / 0-)

          tchoupie has posted a log of all the cars passing by the clubhouse shown on the videos.

          There is also a depiction of each video camera's coverage.

          Interesting stuff.  

          •  He has done a very (0+ / 0-)

            good job. I don't agree with all the correlations. If the lights at 19:09 and 19:39 are car lights from cars on ttl going towards the east gate, there should be correlating lights in the game room, and there aren't any. I think the game room video is not in synch. In the nen call, you can hear Zimmerman putting his car in gear at 7:11:17 he followed Trayvon for 23 seconds. That is when he says shit he's running, and he gets out of his car. Smith reports he has arrived on scene at 7:17:40 and according to the police report, he goes to RV not to TTL.
            So we should have a light event, somewhere around ttl, followed about 5:30 min later with a car entering the north gate and going on RV towards the east gate.

            •  Note From tchoupi (0+ / 0-)

              tchoupi posted some more notes about the 19:03 and 19:32 lights on bcc.list.

              Included another detailed description of what he believes is GZ delaying by the mailbox, then slowly driving down TTL.  

              You do notice the lights after the u-turn, yes?

              The timing of the NEN call jibes really well with GZ sitting on TTL facing west, towards Trayvon at the mailbox.  The gear selection might be GZ putting his transmission in PARK or just banging a flashlight around.

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