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View Diary: Supreme Court attacks union political power (184 comments)

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  •  Remember, pretty much all the justices (1+ / 0-)
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    recognized exactly that point I made -- that a person can't be made to support a political cause as a condition of having a job.  That's what the whole "opt-out" law was about.  

    Not one single justice -- not one -- disagreed with that basic principle underlying that "opt-out" law.  Seven said the "opt-out" law was violated here.

    The disagreement here was whether that opt-out law did ENOUGH to protect that principle that making you pay money to support a political cause, against your will, as a condition of keeping your job violated the First Amendment.  The four liberals would seem to say that the "opt-out law" did enough to protect that principle.  The five conservatives don't think the law does enough.  But nobody -- as far as I can tell -- repudiated the principle underlying that "opt-out" law.

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