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    Huxley was, indeed, part of the backlash against the progressive myth. I was hoping, without nailing down biographical elements, to make the case that his novel is part of a small (ok, Bloomsbury) rejection of the progressivist assumption.

    There were a few reactions to the failure of progress. One was anti-rationalism. This is one reason existentialism and its bastards became au currant. One was mysticism, either in a neo-nativist or animist or synthetic form. Modern wicca dates from the post-theosophist groups. Another was a redoubled progressivism based on anti-humanism -- D'Annunzio's explosions and violence of the machine and fascism.

    People don't get that Hitler's people were doing neo-pagan stuff because they were part of the "get back to the real native religion" nationalism and that Italy's fascists had a poet behind their political movement.

    A ton of people embraced spiritualism and "thymic" life and the like, I think. I wish our polemics today were even half so rational as the craziest of the Tarot readers then, though.

    Every reductio ad absurdum will seem like a good idea to some fool or another.

    by The Geogre on Thu Jun 21, 2012 at 12:35:31 PM PDT

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