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View Diary: The rage of a dying dinosaur: coal declines in United States (101 comments)

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    nathanguy, RLMiller

    while I wholly agree (see my post above) we also need to have a huge change of heart.

    We need to use appropriate energy sources (coppiced wood for heat, water heating and some cooking rather than electric) and, as I'm sure you have noticed, we need to apply our resources appropriately.

    We haven't had an foreign holiday for a decade, our car is 1998 and will be run till the cost of the next repair exceeds its used vehicle replacement cost. We have an old CRT TV and wont be changing till it dies in about 20 years, if ever. It'll possibly outlive us.

    But we will be dropping $15k into the woodfired oven and installation, and another $8k or so for a green plug PV system.

    Because we paid off our mortgage a dozen years ago and refuse to buy anything we can't pay for in cash (we use Visa for the loyalty points only), we can afford all this stuff. But it has also meant taking some condescension over the years from terribly clever people, some of whom are now staring underwater homes and huge credit card debts in the face.

    Priorities. Until we get them right, the rest is just hot air, and yet not hot enough to perform any actual work.

    Until inauguration day The USA is in the greatest danger it has ever experienced.

    by Deep Dark on Fri Jun 22, 2012 at 01:40:10 PM PDT

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