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View Diary: W/ new reply - My response to an evangelical who assumes Christians must be Republicans (104 comments)

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  •  You give me hope, Vote4Obamain2012. (0+ / 0-)

    I don't believe you need to follow up your excellent, primary response to this person. You made your position clear, you supported your position with sound arguments and you also indicated that you were not willing to give up your personal power to this person, and allow them to frame the debate.

    The  use of hot button issues is intellectually dishonest, because the entire world does not revolve around those issues. Our economy certainly doesn't. And as you pointed out, in our diverse, American, melting pot, one is bound to find 10 answers for every 5 questions on any given subject. And when these answers are religious in nature, the government is forbidden to favor religion over non-religion, and also forbidden to favor any given religion at all, above any other.

    These extreme views on these particular religious practices, when forced on others is unlawful via the First Amendment, and it violates the religious notion of Freedom of Conscience.

    This person has not been gifted with the power or authority to force his or her views or beliefs on anyone. Unless they are claiming to have magical, mind control powers, then this person cannot force love or devotion to their god or to their religion or even to this country, or themselves. And whenever that fails such people resort to fear and spiritual hostage taking tactics. What they propose is nothing short of a theocratic dictatorship.

    As a woman and a nonChristian, I am sick of it. Sometimes I become so pissed off, that it is difficult for me to be civil to any Christian at all, because it feels so overwhelming, so much so that I feel surrounded and directly threatened. And for some reason, that I am unable to discern, these individuals cannot see how their actions, when inducing such fear, breed resentment and hatred of their church, their religion and even their god, outright.

    It leaves me with very little positive emotion with regard to organized religion in general, but perhaps a contemptuous cynicism to Christianity in particular. This does not make me happy. It brings me no pleasure at all.

    They are in short, their own worst enemy on many fronts. 1. For bowing down to false prophets [or should I say profits] and to false gods [mammon]. 2. For failing to embody agape, but also in generating it's polar opposite towards themselves and the Body of Christ as a whole, and 3. For undoing the very rights that made possible, the realization of their own, unique belief system without fear of being harassed by an Orthodoxy or a corrupt, theocratic-state.

    Great Diary.
    Thanks for posting it.

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