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View Diary: Chevy Volt @1 Year: How's it doing? (182 comments)

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  •  The way you wrote it, the car (2+ / 0-)
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    might just up and decide its fuel is one year old one day and burn the whole tankful.

    Now * that's * what I meant would be useful if the tank was close to full . .. .  (I'm assuming that these maintenance burns probably charge the batteries while they're at it but that would not require an entire tankful of gas . .. .).

    •  Maintanence burns charge the battery (12+ / 0-)

      Correct, whenever the engine runs it does charge the battery.    The Fuel Maintenance burn is there to burn off the old fuel to encourage the owner to fill up the tank.

      I have not heard of anyone complaining that the Volt is burning off fuel that was not at least a year old.

      The Engine Maintenance burn is 100% predictable.   It is exactly 6 weeks.   I had my latest burn this last Sunday.    In the Am when I powered up my car, I KNEW it was going to ask me if I wanted to do the burn.    The Volt will allow the owner to postpone the burn for up to 24 hrs.   After that it does not give the choice.

    •  It doesn't just burn the tank. It uses it for (3+ / 0-)

      fairly efficient vehicle propulsion.

      Once a year, it basically acts like a Pius does all the time.  Not a huge waste.

      Thinking the "food stamp challenge" teaches you about being poor is like thinking a camping trip will give you insight into being homeless.

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