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  •  Hey Roadbend, (5+ / 0-)

    Well, you got me to chuckle a little bit there! Dimpled chad is getting over 2,200 MPG and I'm only getting a paltry 350 MPG.  It's a pretty efficient vehicle!

    But with that said, I hear what you mean about being wasteful.  But besides turning the gas in the tank it also helps lube the engine that hasn't been turned on for 6 weeks.  It's actually a pretty great idea that extends the life of the engine.  With that said, I haven't gone 6 weeks without using gas and so I've never had the car automatically turn on and use some gas.  

    And I think it only uses .06 or .09 gallons of gas when it does this maintenance mode but I'm going on memory here so I could be wrong.

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    by theotherside on Fri Jun 22, 2012 at 10:30:42 AM PDT

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      My first EMM used 0.1 gallons, my last two were both 0.03 gallons.    

      To put that amount of gasoline in perspective, my wife's car gets 30 MPG, the 0.03 gallons would propel that car exactly one mile.   In the same six weeks, I probably would drive 2200 miles or so.

      Of course that does not take into account electricity costs.   I pay $0.10 / kWh.   If 11 kWh (amount for a full charge) and I drive 40 miles / charge that would cost me $60.   Those same 2,200 miles at 30 MPG and $3.75 / gallon would cost $275.

      In my 10,700 electrical miles, I have save over 350 gallons compared to a 30 MPG car or close to $1,100 counting electrical costs.

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