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View Diary: Chevy Volt @1 Year: How's it doing? (182 comments)

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  •  I would say that you nailed the one big drawback (3+ / 0-)
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    of the Volt.  The visibility is not very good.  The A-pillars (between the front door and the windshield) is rather huge and  looking in the rear view mirror or looking backward when going in reverse isn't great either.

    With that said, it isn't very difficult to get used to at all.  Around sweeping bends you have to move your head a little more but it is well worth getting the 350 MPG that I'm getting.

    I'm glad that you are liking the PiP but I'm not sure Toyota did the right thing with the vehicle.  It seems that the all electric range is very short and the engine kicks on too early if you go above a certain speed.  I think for most regular sized people the Volt will be the clear winner between the two vehicles if both are test driven but I do think that Prius owners love their cars and many will not test drive a Volt and will go with the PiP.

    Anyway, the more plug-ins the better and I hope the PiP sells really well and the owners are happy with it.

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    by theotherside on Fri Jun 22, 2012 at 10:52:57 AM PDT

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