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View Diary: Chevy Volt @1 Year: How's it doing? (182 comments)

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  •  Obviously this will vary depending on... (2+ / 0-)
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    RerumCognoscereCausas, BYw much you drive, what state you live in and so forth, but assuming even, say, $15/month extra, that'd still only be $180/year.

    Add another $100/year in actual gas and you're still talking about perhaps $280/year for fuel/electricity.

    Compare that with the $1,100/year that I'm paying for gas now, and that's $820/year saved.

    Plus, someone in this thread said you only need to change the oil about every 2 years; at around $35 per change (figure 3 times per year), that's another $90/year saved, or around $900/year total.

    Still pretty steep even at $32,500, but they're getting very close...

    •  Yeah, at first glance, those are some pretty... (2+ / 0-)
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      Brainwrap, rennert

      ...compelling numbers.   I might have to make a spreadsheet tonight when the wife gets home.  ;)  

      [inside joke:  my wife and I don't make any major financial decisions without first making a mathematical model, which is often done with a spreadsheet.  The last time we bought a car, the salespeople thought we were insane when we showed up at the dealership with a laptop and started plugging numbers into a spreadsheet which ran an optimization routine and spit out a a color-coded decision matrix .]      

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